Winner of the 2019 OpenText EMEA Innovation / Technology Award

AnswerModules was awarded the 2019 OpenText EMEA Innovation / Technology Award!

The award recognizes the partner which has developed and delivered some of the best and most innovative products in the industry integrated with OpenText solutions during the past year.

This is a fantastic milestone for our team which has brought tremendous satisfaction. However the success is also thanks to the close collaboration we have with the OpenText Solution Extension Program team. It's truly a pleasure to connect and work closely with experts that share our passion and vision for innovative technology.

Our CEO Patrick Vitali couldn't have summed it up better when asked about our approach to build a successful solution on OpenText technology and our future plans:

The OpenText Content Suite / xECM platform is well known for being a very solid and complete foundation for corporate information management: what we identified during our initial business analysis was the strong customer need for something that could accelerate the implementation of solutions on top of it, enabling the adoption of agile methodologies as well as low-coding approaches.

The solution we ended up designing and building is exactly that: an accelerator and an enabler, complimentary to the OpenText Technologies we work with. [...]

Currently, we have more than 30 common customers here in the EMEA region, covering probably 15 different industries, ranging from Luxury to Pharma, from Oil & Gas to Telecoms, from Financial Institutes to Non-Profit organizations.

Today we are very excited by the acceleration we are seeing in the evolution of OpenText's technologies, and we are very proud of the work we have done in enabling our customers and partners to continuously leverage the latest OpenText innovations, and we will definitely continue to further develop our solution.

About Us

AnswerModules is a Swiss based, highly innovative ICT company focused on Enterprise Information Management. From our headquarters in Switzerland, we work with local and global customers all around the world through our partner network.

We develop modular software products for OpenText™ clients and partners, to add functionalities, improve the usability and increase the value of Enterprise Content Management solutions.

Our growing and dynamic team is composed of experts with both several years of experience in R&D and a deep knowledge of OpenText™ technologies. Thanks to its expertise, our team is able to deliver best-in-breed solutions that can successfully sustain the business needs of customers and partners.


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